Guess Who's Back

Hey friends! So I started this blog “Truly Tiff” about 2 years ago and I haven’t been active on it in over a year because of lack of motivation, not really knowing how to do this or even if I still wanted to do it, and just staying busy with so many other things. BUT I’m back in action and better than ever! This past year has been incredible for so many reasons and the Lord has shown me that I still have a desire to be in this industry and that He is equipping me for the task to hold a platform and be a role model! The social media world can be very toxic and breed comparison and jealousy and all kinds of negative things. And that’s exactly why I want to shine a light in such a dark world! To be DIFFERENT than everyone else, to be real and raw, to be transparent and genuine and just show every day life! It’s because people are only showing their absolute best that others feel insecure and discouraged. But guys, you’ve got to remind yourself that everyone, literally EVERYONE is imperfect and far from it, even if they seem to have it all together on the outside.

I love that I named my blog “Truly Tiff” because that’s my goal is to show girls all over the world my true self, not the fake version, not the hair and makeup version, the real version and all the imperfections that come with it. But I don’t just want to shine a light on insecurities and flaws, I want to show girls that we were created perfectly imperfect by the one true perfect creator! I want girls to know it’s okay to be yourself and the right people WILL love you for you. I am so thankful for the story God has written through my life to be told to so many and to bring encouragement to others! And I want to empower other women to share their stories, because we were never meant to do life alone. The Lord created us to be in community with one another, love one another, and hold each other up! So that’s what I’m hoping to create through this crazy blogging atmosphere is a safe place for girls to come and be unapologetically themselves, to have a shoulder to cry on, girlfriends to celebrate with, and just surrounded by sisters who are all in this together!

If you’re here and you’re still reading this, welcome sister I am so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to meet ya! I’m excited for this new chapter and all that the Lord is going to through it! I hope you guys will leave a comment, shoot me an email, be my friend on social, anything and everything to stay connected! Because I love each and every one of you and I hope you stay awhile!



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