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Hi friends! My name is Tiff, owner of TALIAFERRO the label LLC (after my last name) and I'm so happy to finally be pursuing this dream of mine and super thankful for each and every one of you who has supported any part of this journey! So just wanted to tell y'all a little bit more about myself!

Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved picking out my clothes and going shopping every Summer before the new school year started! I was that bratty little girl that didn't want to wear what my mom picked out, I wanted to style myself and I've always had this OCD about matching! Even if I'm home alone and not another soul sees me, my outfit has to go together lol... I know, it's annoying. But I grew up with a love of all things creative: drawing, painting, designing, dancing, etc. After High School, I went to TCU and got my degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business, and don't regret one minute or one dime ;) 

Since College, I have worked Fashion Apparel Wholesale Market where I travelled between Dallas, Atlanta, and Vegas learning the backside of Buying. Then I worked at a Boutique for 3 years in different positions including Warehouse, Retail/Sales, and Visual Marketing. I soaked up every bit of information I could possibly learn for myself because I knew I wanted to own my own clothing line one day. 

Without going into every little detail, I'll just say that it's crazy and overwhelming how PERFECT God's timing is for everything in life. You just have to learn to trust the process and enjoy the journey. So here I am today, at the age of 25, pursuing a dream I've had since I was a little girl, and I know the Lord has equipped me for this new business venture in all the right ways! It took time and a big learning curve, but I know this will be so rewarding and I am excited and expectant for all He's going to do in and through me in this new chapter of life!

I promise to give my all to this little boutique and all of you girls who are here to shop for one reason or another! I'm thankful for the opportunity and the platform God has given me and He will always get the glory! This is only the beginning and I'm still learning, but I want this to be so much more than just another place to shop! I want this to be a community, a movement, and serve a bigger purpose! So thanks for being a part and supporting this dream of mine! I'm glad you're here sister!